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Our company we formed a team with large staff dedicated to different tasks, both Management and Accounting and Legal Advisory and Insurance Management, to provide good service to the communities of owners that are managed from our offices.

To perform these tasks, responsible for enterprise and the entire management team, have arranged their own way of working that allows us to have a perfect track Communities and foremost, our customers feel secure with our management , from the transparency of data and documentation in our office, always available to all co-owners, as well as a close relationship with the Presidents of each community to meet, as closely as possible, the problems may arise on a farm.

The efforts we made, referring to the Communities deploy in two points; 1st Administrative Management and 2nd Accounting Management, according to the company structure we have assumed. All this for operation within a community, both the internal organs of government and the responsibilities of each of the Owners, be as flexible as possible while safe and responsible.

Administrative management

In this section our main objective is the advice to all members of the Community. To do this we offer to settle any disputes that may arise in the interpretation and enforcement of the Horizontal Property Law, Civil Codi Català, and statutory rules that may exist within the joint ownership. Just as we put our interest in the Community have a good performance, moderate and treating such problems occurring Community.

Calls to Meetings, whether Ordinary or Extraordinary, lifting and compliance with the respective Acts of meetings held, with a copy of them and of the resolutions adopted at each of the owners forming communities.

All processes that must be carried out, whether on the legal nature as claims of an administrative nature or aimed at one or several owners in particular, inquiries and notices within the framework that the law is scheduled for each of the cases we occupy.

Accounting Management

Arrange the collection of fees established by the Community for the proper maintenance and upkeep of the farm, it occupies the main objective of this block, considering one of the main gears for the right activity of communities.

Payment of all receipts pertaining to water supplies, electrical forces of the common elements, as well as payment and checking of all invoices belonging to repairs to the common part.

Conduct annual assessments of each year by groups of accounts and statements for each owner, between requested budget and actual expenses.

The budget request and detailed the same for all repairs, works, improvements … that incurred in common areas of the farm, the way that best suits the Community study.